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Athlete medical management system

A DATA-driven methodology

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Our methodology is athlete-centered and is based on the measurement and evolution of objective clinical and functional variables. This data-driven approach allows the establishment of a dynamic athletic profile specific to each athlete and concretely allows to individualize his management.

Allow each athlete to have a plan and to benefit from strategies and intervention content that are targeted, coherent, and adapted to their profile and objectives. The AMMS FPM11 gives you the opportunity to save time, optimize your decision-making and quantify progress through a high-quality rehabilitation process, from the injury until RTP.

Who can claim to have improved without measuring it?





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Player profile

Your athlete's identity card.

Be sure to quickly access a global overview of each athlete, their objectives and the strategies put in place!

dynamic screening


Establishing a data baseline individual and its monitoring are  fundamentals when it comes to managing an athlete or a group of athletes, whether we are talking about performance, rehabilitation or prevention.


  • Intermittently measure and monitor the variables relevant to the specific situation of each player, whether acute or chronic injuries, and determine areas of work and prevention specific to each profile.

  • Optimize your decision-making and guide your athletes consistently through their rehabilitation and return them to the field in the best possible condition!

  • Objectively and subjectively evaluate the effectiveness of your interventions or your strategies in order to be able to adapt your care if necessary!

WORKLOAD Monitoring


Give meaning to the data! The good management of the workload (external and internal) proves to be a crucial pillar in the healthy athlete. Why wouldn't this apply to injured athletes? Current rehabilitation must be guided by objective data and criteria.  Be sure, players always like to know their plan.


  • Manage your content and keep an eye on session history with the AMMS interactive calendar.

  • Plan rehabilitation cycles and progress your athletes safely through the RTP-process.

  • Check the achievement of global or specific objectives for each cycle and identify any shortcomings.



A complete and objective analysis of the injury incidence of your team!

Documenting injuries will allow you to contextualize them and identify potential risk factors specific to your environment.

  • Encode your squad and let AMMS take care of the rest.

  • Contextualize injury occurrences and identify potential risk factors specific to your environment.

  • Implement collective and individual preventive strategies.

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