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FPM11 is born from a sharing of experiences, between sports physiotherapy and strenght and conditioning.

Our approach is based on a more complete and individualized framework, which today integrates three key areas : performance, medicine and nutrition.

In constant communication, our team aims to provide the best support to each player, always according to their needs and profile.
 This methodology makes it possible to offer comprehensive and global athletes' support as well as a quality and professional follow up throughout every collaborations. 

Meet the team

FPM11 Pol Minon

Pol Minon

Sports physiotherapist

Performance Coach

Sport & Micro-nutrition

FPM11 David Meyer

David Meyer

FPM11 Head Leader

Sports physiotherapist

Performance Coach

FPM11 Antoine Letiexhe

Dr. Antoine Letiexhe

Sports medicine and traumatology

FPM11 Amandine Draux

Amandine Draux

Sports nutritionist

FPM11 Sacha Linchet

Sacha Linchet

Sports physiotherapist

Performance Coach

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