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Jérôme Déom et Boris Lambert FPM11 Coaching

performance coaching

Our passion, our experience and our methodology, accessible to all. 

You don't need to be a world-class athlete to enjoy a world-class approach.

Tim Flick & David Meyer FPM11 Performance Coaching
Bilan Performance

performance report

Let our team establish your initial status by evaluating your general and specific physical condition as well as all the performance factors related to your goals!   This will allow us to offer individualized and consistent intervention content, to meet your expectations in terms of results, because only the results count! Progress can be measured!

Individual coaching

Coaching individel

Live a tailor-made individual coaching experience and develop, day after day, a trustful relationship with your coach and our team.


With passion and professionalism, we develop and share training design, focused on your goals and adapted to your profile in order to progress quickly. We are always aiming for long-term results.

In the gym and/or on the pitch, benefit from consistent periodization, extremely varied sessions and effective exercises/drills. Evolve while taking a maximum of fun! Each on-field session will be monitored by the GPS system we provide. No doubt, if you want to train like a pro, our 1vs1 coaching solution is made for you!

Coaching groupe

group coaching

Train with players as motivated as you and get the most out of your collective performance coaching sessions (max. 5 players). Our coaches will develop specific session designs so that everyone can work according to their profile and playing position!

Challenge or cooperate with your training partners, and progress together towards your respective goals!


We travel and find training sites in your area, always adapted to your objectives.


The planning of the sessions will always be communicated to you in advance. It is tailor-made according to your schedule.


The duration of the sessions is extremely variable depending on its content. It generally varies between 45min and 2hrs.


No stress. We take care of everything. We provide access to the infrastructures as well as all the necessary equipment.

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